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This isn't Angelite...

But I hear that girl's awesome

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Equality Now

I will not add you just because you added me.
Leave me a comment and at least let me know where you've come from.

And if you're looking for any of my icons, I've posted them all over at my icon journal, lame_or_casual
a-ha, adam and joe, alan tudyk, alias, angel, arrested development, ash, baz luhrmann, before sunrise, before sunset, ben and jerry's, bill bailey, buffy the vampire slayer, charisma carpenter, chasing amy, chesney hawkes, chuck palahniuk, clerks, corsets, david and goliath, david boreanaz, dogma, don't flush it's lush, donnie darko, douglas coupland, duran duran, ebay, eddie izzard, edge of seventeen, edward monkton, electric dreams, eternalsunshineofthespotlessmind, feeder, feminism, firefly, fist of fun, freaks and geeks, garden state, gary numan, gina torres, girlfriend in a coma, glitter, green wing, hair dye, high fidelity, himym, howimetyourmother, human league, ikea, jake gyllenhaal, jason segel, jj abrams, john doe, john foxx, john hughes, jonathan woodward, joss whedon, julian rhind-tutt, kevin smith, kitchen confidential, ladytron, lost, lulu guinness, mac, maggie gyllenhaal, make up, mal/simon, mallrats, mark sheppard, melissa joan hart, mesh, michael muhney, mika hakkinen, molly ringwald, monkeys, moon on a stick, morten harket, moulin rouge, nici, patrick wolf, peter sarsgaard, photography, photoshop, popcorn, pretty in pink, puppet angel, quantum leap, queer cinema, rammstein, reading, reiki, riverdance, robot chicken, romeo & juliet, sarcasm, saved by the bell, screenwriting, scriptwriting, scrubs, sean maher, serenity, sex and the city, shaun of the dead, slash fiction, sleep, sleep golfing, spaced, strictly ballroom, synth-pop, tattoos, text messaging, the breakfast club, the chameleons, the cockamouse, the high life, the lemon law, the lost boys, the oc, the station agent, this life, thismorningwithrichardnotjudy, toast, total clothing rights, undeclared, urban decay, val kilmer, vast, velvet goldmine, veronica mars, vincent kartheiser, vinnie vanlowe, wash, wash/zoe, wil wheaton, writing, x-files, zach braff, zen micro